The first face to face Transnational meeting in Piraeus, Greece


Partners of the School Starter’s Hub project met for the first time in the beautiful Piraeus in Greece, under the Greek sun and with the view to the biggest port in the country. They were hosted by IDEC S.A.
Even though partners have been meeting online quite often, this particular meeting has proved to be fruitful not only in terms of collaboration but mostly since some critical decisions have been made for the effective flow of the project.

During this 2 days meetings in November 2021, the Teacher’s Toolkit has been reviewed in order to make it more engaging for the end users, namely secondary school teachers. The Teacher’s Toolkit consists of 4 modules:

  1. Guide for School directors
  2. Online resources: Design thinking technique
  3. Online resources: Entrepreneurship
  4. Online resources: Digital marketing

In each part, teachers can find useful resources and activities in order to cultivate  their students’ entrepreneurial skills and prepare them for their future career paths.

Apart from the particular material, School Starter’s Hub consortium has been brainstorming about the planning and implementation of the European Contest, an event which will give students the opportunity to promote their business ideas by exploiting the CANVAS Model.

The project’s partners have scheduled a physical meeting on May of 2022 in Milan, where DLEARN will be responsible of hosting the meeting!