The online training activity in the beginning of 2022


Partners of the School Starter’s Hub project met online in the framework of the 1st training (C1) that took place between 11th and 13th of January 2022. For this training Emphasys Centre of Cyprus was responsible. During this 3days activity, the consortium has been enjoying a presentation of the Training Platform that has been developed by Emphasys and will soon be online for all stakeholders. Many interesting features will be available in this platform that will provide Teachers and Students with all the skills in order to build corporate ideas.

Partners have also presented some interactive exercises for the ONLINE Resources, namely Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship & Digital Marketing that could motivate students more and allow them to discover new parameters in the conceptualisation of their career plans. Additionally, some tools that have been used in order to support the ONLINE resources were:

– the SCAMPER technique, an alternative way of being creative, improve products or services and redefine ideas.

-The CANVAS Model with which emerging project managers are developing a professional plan with their corporate ideas .

-The Canva Design Tool, that helps students to be even more creative and prepare competitive graphics and presentation and impress your target group.

Meanwhile, a group of Digital Games will be available addressing especially students, so that they can have fun and be entrepreneurs as well!!